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Online Counselling Services For The Transgender Community

“Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.”

In a society that strictly follows a binary idea of sex and gender, being transgender can be exasperating. Because your gender expressions do not conform to their supposed norms, you could easily offend people without even realising. Nevertheless, happiness should be your only sexual preference.

At Evolve Counselling, this is our attempt at helping those many affected individuals who struggle every day to face reality and lead normal lives. Whatever your gender identity crisis is we guide you towards breaking shackles and coming out of the closet.

Compassion Carries The Power To Heal…

Self-acceptance is the key to a wonderful transgender journey. And counselling is the route to discovering this key. Whether you are questioning your gender identity, starting your journey to a new life, or know a loved one experiencing similar issues, we can help.

We strongly opine that every person has the right to lead a dignified, fulfilling life. Transexuality should not be a reason for people to isolate or shut themselves off from the world. At Evolve Counselling, we support you throughout the healing and recovery process – facilitating your journey towards self-discovery and helping you embrace your strengths and imperfections.

Our Online Counselling Service Goes Out To…

  • Transgender
  • Non-Binary
  • Transexual
  • Transvestite
  • Genderqueer
  • Transman
  • Transwoman

Evolve is with anyone who is having gender issues, even if they don’t identify with any of the terms we have listed above. We work with trans-identified people, their partners, family members, relatives, and friends with utmost confidentiality at the comfort and security of their own home.


How Evolve Counselling Might Help


Ours is a holistic approach to person-centred counselling. We undertake a therapeutic line of action for the treatment of the whole person offering unswerving individual attention. We are here to help you combat the stigma born of gender differences, make sense of genderqueer habits, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Remember, transgenderism is a multidimensional issue. It affects your lifestyle, social attitude, relationships, and work, too. It’s just that with us by your side, you get to choose how it affects you. You get to turn ‘how-the-world-sees-you’ into ‘how-you-see-the-world.’ You don’t just change your appearance, you change your entire life. You EVOLVE.



Every client approaches us with unique queries. On that account, the sessions vary as well. However, there are certain common questions that tick all customers. Find your answers with Evolve Counselling.



We are a team of counsellors who thoroughly understand a transgender’s world. We recognise support is sometimes unavailable, restricted, or difficult to access. We are here to simplify your transgender journey via online counselling.