Every client is unique and the amount of sessions varies. We can walk with you through transition, or just be there while you find emotional strength to look after your own needs. You will talk through this with your counsellor and regularly review.

Until you start to explore your needs, very little can make sense, counselling is like building a jigsaw, all the pieces are there, we just need to start and put them together to build the picture.

You need the internet and either Skype or facetime, alternatively, we can conduct the sessions via the telephone. You will also need a private space to talk during the sessions without interruption, a bedroom or a study, or any room quiet and distraction free.

Who you choose to tell about the counselling is up to you, there are no rules, however, we recommend you keep yourself safe if you are divulging intimate thoughts and feelings counselling can help you prepare properly for any potential reaction.